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Social Science

Your first stop for research: a guide to resources for Social Science

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Use the Library website to search for books and ebooks:

New books

Details of new books that have recently arrived in the Library are available on the New Books for School of Social and Political Sciences reading list.


The books in the libraries are organised by the Dewey Decimal System. Each book has a number on the spine called a shelfmark.  The majority of books for your subject will be located in the University Library.  However, due to the interdisciplinary nature of some topics, relevant books will also be located in the Biomedical & Health Sciences Library. 

In the University Library, the first floor has books with shelfmark numbers from 000-649 (apart from 340-349.99 which are in the Law Library on the third floor) and the second floor has books with numbers from 650-999.

The Biomedical & Health Sciences Library is located on the first floor of the Medical School building. 

Try browsing the shelves for books on a particular topic or search on the Library catalogue ( to find out where the books are located.

Useful Shelfmarks for Social Science include:

320.941  British Politics
364 Criminology
323    Human Rights
337    International Economics
327    International Relations
364.6    Penology   
363.2 Police Services
320.5 Political Ideologies
320.01 Political Theory   
320 Politics
362.5 Poverty
361.61 Social Policy
300.72 Social Research   
361.65   Welfare State