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MASH Guide

Useful websites

  ​  Laerd is a great statistics help website, it has some very useful free pages. To get to these search for the test you're interested in and the word 'Laerd' via a search engine, the first hit(s) should be of interest to you.

Website checklist

When evaluating websites use the following checklist to assess the reliability of the information:

  • Is the site Authoritative? 

(Who is the author and what authority do they possess?)

  • Is the site Accurate? 

(Are any claims supported by reliable evidence?)

  • Is the site Impartial?

(Is the information biased?)

  • Is the site Current?

(Is the information up-to-date?)

  • Who are the Audience?

(Who is the site aimed at?)

  • Is the site Reliable?

(Are links from the site working and pointing to other reliable sites?)