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The Library

Library Wellbeing


  • Ebooks are free to use.
    • Using eBooks are a great way of reducing costs; as long as you are a student at the University of Lincoln using eBooks will be free of charge.
  • EBooks are accessible.
    • You are able to use assistive technology like text-to-speech software (i.e. screen readers) such as Dragon Naturally Speaking or Read and Write Gold which allows you to highlight text and listen to the book being read to you.
    • You are also able to increase the font size, and add colour screens (for dyslexic students who know their particular colour preference), as well as using navigable features like keyword searches or selecting particular chapters, which can significantly save you time.
  • Ebooks are enormously flexible.
    • They are easily portable and may be downloaded wherever there is a Wi-Fi connection, with thousands of ebooks at your disposable on the Library website.