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The Library

Library Wellbeing


Assistive Technology

The Library has adjustable height tables with computer access and low level short-stay computers.

The University provides a variety of assistive software which is available on Library computers and laptops if requested by the Student Wellbeing Centre.

Document Accessibility Converter

Copyright and SensusAccess

By using Sensus Access you can make image-based PDFs, JPEGs and other files accessible, Sensus Access can convert them into text or audio.

Conditions of use
Sensus Access allows students and staff to automatically convert documents into a range of alternate media. You can make an accessible copy if:

  • you own the copyright (e.g. it's your own work)
  • you have permission from the copyright owner
  • the copyright has expired
  • you have a print disability or if it's for someone with a print disability

Students with a print disability using Sensus Access need to agree that: