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Why are journals important?

Academic journals are scholarly periodicals (publications which come out on a regular schedule) which contain articles on specific subjects.

They are important in art history for a number of reasons:

  •  art historians use them share their research with the scholarly community
  • they explore an art historical topic or problem in depth (a research article) or evaluate work or works in art history (a review article)
  • they contain current or recent research findings,
  • they go through a process called peer review, which means that research findings are evaluated for their originality, quality, significance, and clarity by other subject experts

It is a good idea to make sure the articles you choose for your assignments are from peer-reviewed journals. Most articles you can find through the library's advanced search function are peer reviewed (tick the 'peer reviewed' box as an advanced search option to find only peer-reviewed material). Try to avoid self-published research articles or essays posted on unreviewed websites. And please don't hesitate to get in touch if would like any help finding the information you need for your assignment!

Library Website

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Use the Library website to search across multiple databases:

Electronic Journals

The Electronic journals tab allows you to search the library's collection of journals. If you are looking for a journal about a particular topic or have found a likely looking article in a bibliography and want to check if we have access, this is often the best place to go.


Browzine is another way to search the library's journal collections--if you prefer getting information in a visual format, you may want to start here.

BrowZine Search Box

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Search e-journals