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The Library

Library Services during Covid-19

Creating accessible documents

You may want or need to request a version of any of our online resources in an alternative media format. SensusAccess is a conversion tool that allows you to make image-based PDFs, JPEGs, and other files accessible, or convert them into text or audio.

SensusAccess will convert your document into whichever alternative, accessible format you prefer and email you the result: 

Tools for researching online

While we recommend accessing our online resources via the Library website there are a number of tools we'd recommend to help you locate material when you're working off-campus:

  1. Set up your Library Links in Google Scholar. If a copy is available through the Library Google Scholar will provide a "Find Full Text" link to allow you to access it.
  2. Install a browser extension like LibKey Nomad or Kopernio. These highlight and provide single click access to content from the Library when you're using sites like Wikipedia.