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MASH Guide

What is SPSS?

Here at the University of Lincoln, we provide our students and staff with the software package IBM SPSS Statistics. This is a software package for statistical analysis. We currently have a licences for SPSS 24 through to 27. You will find that all the computers in the library have have SPSS on them. If you're wanting to use SPSS around campus and can not find it on your user area, all you need to do is go into 'software center' and download IBM SPSS 26.

Can I have SPSS on my own computer?

You can download SPSS onto your own computer from the ICT website. Please follow the link below:

IBM SPSS / AMOS Downloads & Activation Codes

You will not need to download it each year, you will just need to enter the new codes. To update your code search your computer for 'SPSS Authenication Wizard', this runs outside of the typical SPSS windows and will help you update the program. Technical support for SPSS is provided by ICT. If you have any problems with the install, please contact them for help:

ICT Service Desk