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MASH : Maths and Stats Help

Statistical Analysis Software

Here you'll find links to three packages that the are used across the university. There are other packages but the University has a licence for SPSS and both RStudio and Jamovi are popular open-source choices. 

Accessing SPSS

IBM SPSS Statistics is a commonly used statistics package that all University of Lincoln staff and students have access to. We currently have licences for SPSS 25 through to 28.

All computers in the University Library have SPSS on them. SPSS can also be accessed through AppsAnywhere.

You can download SPSS onto your own computer from the ICT site here:

Access IBM SPSS Downloads & Activation Codes

You do not need to download SPSS every year but you will need to reauthenticate your license code. To update your code search your computer for 'SPSS Authenication Wizard', this runs outside of the typical SPSS windows and will help you update the program. Technical support for SPSS is provided by ICT. If you have any problems with the installation, please contact them for help.

Accessing RStudio

Some schools and courses at the University of Lincoln require students to conduct their analysis using R. RStudio is an integrated environment for R that many consider more user-friendly and accessible than the base versions of R. RStudio is free, open-source software that can be downloaded onto your own desktop from its own external website:

Download RStudio

Accessing Jamovi

Another popular choice of statistical analysis tool is Jamovi. This is free, open-source software, with a user friendly interface that is powered by R. You can download it onto your computer or use their cloud version.

Access Jamovi