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The Library

MASH Guide

MASH is a drop-in support service, here to help students with Mathematical and Statistical worries, such as concepts of probability, significance testing and graph-drawing through to algebra, equations, and formulae.

We can offer you help with finding resources and provide direction to what books may be helpful to you. Come and discuss your Statistical or Mathematical concerns: even if it’s just a little reassurance you need, we’re here to help all.


The centre is based in the Learning Development Room, on the ground floor of the GCW University Library, Brayford Pool Campus.

Please contact MASH with any queries:

The set up of MASH was partially funded by Sigma; a Centre for Excellence in Mathematics & Statistics Support.

Where To Find Us

You can find us in the "Learning Development Room", downstairs in The Library. As you walk along the ground floor you pass the main desk, the printers, pass a little computer room that is tucked away, then you'll see the Learning Development room, a little room poking out into the library with a round table in the middle and a massive screen in the corner.