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MASH Guide

Postgraduate Service

As the MASH services are primarily funded for undergraduates, we offer a slightly different service for postgraduates. Instead of using the drop-in, we encourage post-graduates to book an appointment with us for a one-to-one meeting at both yours and our convenience. This not only takes the pressure off the drop-in service, but allows us to prepare for the more specialised queries that often come from postgraduates.

Postgraduates are welcome to attend any of the workshops that we offer.

Please email us, with as much detail as you can of your query. We will then be able to arrange a meeting with an appropriate tutor and at a time to suit all.


MASH have a skype account. This has proven useful for distant learners, part time students and postgraduates who are in placements away from lincoln. If you would like to have a conversation with us, it is best to email before if you can.

Our skype user name is: