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Room bookings

Group Rooms

Group rooms

Group Rooms are available for a maximum of two hours per person per day and no further than two weeks in advance.

Book a group room

Please check that the room you are booking contains all of the equipment you need; it may not be possible to transfer your booking to an alternative room.

  Floor Capacity PC Large Screen Flipchart Whiteboard DVD player
Group Space A G 12 Yes Yes No No No
Group Space B G 10 Yes Yes No No No
Group Room 1 1 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Group Room 2 1 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Group Room 3 1 12 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Group Room 4 2 10 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Group Room 5 2 10 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Group Room 6 2 8 No No No Yes No
Group Room 8 (PG) 3 10 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Group Room 9 3 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Study spaces

Study spaces

The Library has a variety of study spaces for you to use including

  • bookable group rooms
  • flexible study areas on the ground floor for social and collaborative work
  • work desks on all floors if you want to bring your own laptop
  • PCs and Macs
  • silent study carrels on the third floor.

Silent study areas

The third floor of the Library is a dedicated silent study area.

Talking is permitted on the first and second floors but we do ask that noise is kept to a conversational level, and that all Library users be considerate of others.

Library lounges

Library lounges

Library Learning Lounges are social and collaborative spaces to share your ideas. The Library Learning Lounges are located

  • on the ground floor of the University Library
  • in the Junxion
  • on the 3rd floor of the Minerva building

Learning lounges map

Contact details

Our contact details

: +44 (0) 1522 88 6222 (University Library)

: +44 (0) 1406 49 3007 (Holbeach Campus)


: @GCWLibrary

: UOLLibrary