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The Library

Using other libraries

The British Library

The British Library

You may be referred to the British Library Reading Rooms if the British Library is unable to loan a copy of the item you require:

Library Access Schemes

Library Access Schemes

These schemes allow you to access other libraries for study or research purposes while you're away from Lincoln:

When we don't have an item you want

Sometimes we won't have the book or article you need. If this happens let us know and we'll try and get a copy for you from somewhere else:

Make a More Books requestMake an inter-library loan request

Contact details

Our contact details

University Library telephone number: : +44 (0) 1522 88 6222 (University Library)

Biomedical and Health Sciences Library telephone number: : +44 (0) 1522 83 5252 (Biomedical and Health Sciences Library)

University Library email address: :

University Library Twitter account: : @LibraryUoL

University Library Facebook account: : UOLLibrary