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The Library

Writing Development

Studying at the University of Lincoln? We can help you achieve your potential by improving your writing skills.

We can help you with:
  • Understanding and planning your assignment
  • Assignment structure and paragraph structure
  • Academic argument and critical thinking
  • Introductions and conclusions
  • Strategies for editing and proof-reading
You can help by:
  • Using a grammar and spell-checker before you ask us to look at your work
  • Bringing with you a print-out of the work you want to discuss 
What we don't do:

Make an appointment with us

Any University of Lincoln student can make an appointment with us. Your appointment can be:

  • Face-to-face, in the University Library
  • Online (we will email you a link for the online appointment)
  • By phone (we will email you first to get your phone number)

You can book a face-to-face appointment by clicking on the "make an appointment" button under our team photo and choosing a time.  If there are no appointments to suit you, you can email us and we will do our best to offer alternative times.  

If you would like an online or phone appointment or would like help by email please email us on and we will arrange this with you.

It is important that you use your time at university to become an independent learner, so you can only make one appointment at a time. We discuss any aspect of your writing that you choose and we expect you to apply what you learn to your other assignments.  If you would like another appointment we will discuss this with you.