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Equality, Diversity and Intersectionality: Library guide

A guide to information resources relating to EDI themes.

Equality, Diversity and Intersectionality

"Intersectionality is a fundamental belief that an individual’s class, race, sexual identity and all other factors are mutually important in their life experience and these identities cannot be isolated from one another. The GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) sector can use intersectionality to ensure that all people are included in the conversation and represented, to expand the narrow visitor base in an ethical and sensitive way". (Jass Thethi, 2020)


The aim of this guide is to curate and disseminate useful resources related to equality, diversity and intersectionality.

Initially, the focus will be on the race and decolonisation section but with the aim to make it part of an evolving process with input and development from staff and students and embedded within the University of Lincoln One Community principles.

The Eleanor Glanville Centre

The EGC is the University of Lincoln's department for diversity and inclusion. Led by Professor Belinda Colston, the EGC specialises in the development and evaluation of EDI strategies and interventions, and their impact across the sector. They carry out interdisciplinary research that critiques and challenges social exclusion and inequality in contemporary society, exploring issues of, and connections between, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, class and disability. Outcomes of their research inform and influence evidence-based policy and shape best-practice both within the UK and internationally.  To find out more, visit the website at

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