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How can I access full text anywhere?

How can I access full text anywhere? banner with image of person studying on tablet, laptop and open book on table


You search for what you need in any number of different places online (Google, Google Scholar, Bing, Baidu, PubMed,, JSTOR, iDiscover...).

You meet paywalls and frown looking for a place to login, get frustrated with the steps you have to take to open the article and actually read it...

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No more! There are now many tools available to help you find the resources you need.

See below for the Library's recommended browser extensions (& other tips and tools) to help you find full text articles, chapters, and ebooks - wherever you are studying. 

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Available tools & extensions

We recommend Lean Library in the first instance; however, you can download any and all browser extensions below to enhance your searching experience on the internet. 

Lean Library - *Recommended*

We recommend Lean Library over other Open Access (OA) browser extensions. 

Lean Library seamlessly provides Library access to online resources where available or an Open Access version where it exists.

As a last resort, it will trigger an Inter Library Loan form so you can request the article or chapter.

Find out more about Lean Library

LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that provides access buttons to Library-subscribed content and Open Access alternatives. 

It works particularly well with references on websites such as Wikipedia. 

Find out more about LibKey Nomad

Open Access browser plugins

Find out about some of the browser extensions and plugins available to help you find full text articles and papers from a wide-range of Open Access databases and repositories.

Find out more about Open Access browser plugins

Google Scholar Button

The Google Scholar Button gives easy access to Google Scholar from any web page, helping you to find full text on the web or from the Library. 

It formats references in widely used citation styles and allows you to save the article to your Scholar library, so you can read it or cite it later.

Find out more about Google Scholar Button


What do you do if you are still having trouble accessing the content you need?

Read our Troubleshooting Guide