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How can I access full text anywhere?

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What is Lean Library?

The University of Lincoln Library has partnered with Lean Library so you now have the ability to easily find study materials wherever and whenever you decide to study.

Lean Library is a browser extension that works with our University of Lincoln library systems to give you seamless access when working off-campus.

Once downloaded, you'll be alerted via a pop-up message if you are looking for something that the Library can give you access to, including articles, ebooks, and other subscriptions.


How does it work?

      Lean Library will seamlessly direct you to University of Lincoln subscribed content.

       Lean Library finds and delivers an Open Access version of the article or chapter if there is no subscribed access via the Library. 

      Where no open access version exists, you will be directed to our Inter Library Loans service. 

How do I download Lean Library?

Check out the Lean Library download page to see if your browser is supported.


Download Lean Library

Getting started with Lean Library

Once you have installed the extension, select your institution (University of Lincoln) in the Settings and start researching!

Lean Library Browser Quick Settings