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Reading lists: a guide for students

What is a reading list?

Each module that you study should have an online reading list.*  Your online reading list is a selection of the key titles and resources that you are expected to use, and will need to read, to successfully complete your module. 

Each module you study may have a different style of reading list.

Your reading list provides a link to each different source of information, either directly to an online source, or to the library website so you can see the current availability and location of any print items. 

The resources included on your reading list are not all the reading you are expected to do – this is just the starting point. Once you have read the key reading from your list, the next step is to search for further material to add depth and breadth to your knowledge, and increase your understanding of the topics included in the module. 

* Most modules will have a reading list, but some, particularly Postgraduate modules, may not. If this is the case:

  • check your module handbook as required reading may be detailed here
  • check your module site on Blackboard as guidance and links to required and suggested reading may be added here
  • speak to you tutor to discuss the required reading for your module

What is a reading list?