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Reading lists: a guide for students

Accessing ebooks

To access the ebooks on your reading list you can either use the 'View Online' link:

View online link on a reading list

Or click on the title and then use the 'Available Online' link: 

Available online link on a reading list

Some books will have more than one digital book link because the title may have been purchased from more than one ebook supplier.

How to access ebooks

Ebook licences 

Ebooks publishers make their titles available in different ways, and we can purchase different types of ‘licences’. Our preferred option is ‘unlimited use’ which means that any number of students can access the ebook at the same time, but some titles are only made available in a ‘three user’ or ‘single user’ format which means that only three/one user(s) are able to access the ebook at any one time. 

If you see more than one ‘Available Online’ link it could be because we have purchased an ebook from different suppliers to make more copies available to you. Just click on either link to access the ebooks. 

A book on a reading list with two available online links

Downloading ebooks 

You always have the option to read an ebook online, but some titles are also available to download to your pc, laptop or mobile device. 

If you choose to download you may have the option to download the entire book, or just particular chapters. 

The download time period can range from 1-3 days, depending on the publisher and platform - after this time the ebook will automatically delete from your device, but you can download it again, and access it online, as many times as you need to. 

Each ebook platform provides instructions for downloading ebooks and any software requirements. 

Printing pages from ebooks 

The number of pages you can print from each ebook can vary – copyright law prevents you from printing the whole ebook, and individual book publishers can also impose additional restrictions, but you can usually print a percentage of each ebook.  

Our ebooks are provided on several different platforms and you can find guidance on how to print from these different platforms here