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Wellbeing Fiction Collections

A guide to the wellbeing fiction collections at the University Libraries

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Wellbeing Fiction Reading List: The Ross Library

A reading list of the International, Black and LGBTQ+ fiction from our Wellbeing Fiction section at The Ross Library.


The Wellbeing Fiction Collections at the University Libraries

The University takes an holistic and positive approach to the health of our students and staff and the fiction collections are a valuable part of the wellbeing provision at our libraries. Many of us have a lot of stress and anxiety in our lives and we look for new, tangible ways to deal with these anxieties. Regular readers have been shown to sleep better and have lower rates of depression than non-readers. Reading is an ideal way to relax and calm those anxious nerves.

Reading can also allow for a greater perspective on the world and on others. Fiction can take us outside our own particular bubble, allowing us to see a different view on the world. Reading is a chance to live through the lives of others without stepping outside of our comfort zone or even traveling anywhere else. It can transport our imagination to places we’ve never been before and, perhaps, never even knew existed. This knowledge may put us in a better position to understand the different people around us and improve our ability to react to them.  

The University Library

At the Main University Library, we have a range of books which you can find on the Ground floor opposite the desk services. We have aimed to include books touching on a range of subjects including mental health, climate change, modern romantic fiction, classic detective stories, as well as some wonderful historical fiction. Books will continue to be added to the collection, and we are regularly keeping an eye on award winning fiction and newly released books to continue to develop what we can offer all readers.

Photo of the University Library    Photo of the Medical School Building

The Main University Library                                  Lincoln Medical School Building

The Ross Library, Medical School Building

The Ross Library is located on the first floor of the Medical School Building. The Medical School was completed in March 2021 and has a wide range of facilities, including lecture theatres, consultation rooms and a clinical skills suite. The library is a purpose designed space that brings together the Medicine; Life Sciences, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Nursing and Allied Health and Social Care collections. 

The fiction section at the Ross Library contains a diverse range of novels, short story collections and a sprinkling of poetry and plays. The books are by and about a wide array of people and cultures and reflect a variety of ideas, information, stories, and experiences: From surreal Japanese fiction in translation (such as ‘When the Coffee gets Cold’, by Toshikazu Kawaguchi) to novels by well-known English language authors like Sally Rooney. We hope there is something to interest readers with a wide range of tastes, emotional outlooks and life experiences. 

There is also a short story machine in the Library. This machine allows users to select from three different lengths of story, printed for free on eco-friendly paper. Being able to print a few paragraphs from a novel or poem can help students relax and even to more widely re-engage with literature. Sometimes it’s just a good idea to take a break from academic studies and simply enjoy a good story.