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Key Academic & Digital Information Skills Framework

A guide for academic staff

Never has it been more important to ensure that our students are both confident & competent in how they find and use information, and able to engage critically, creatively and collaboratively with that information – not just for successful study, but as confident graduates in society and the workplace.

To facilitate this we have organised the key academic and digital information skills that students need for academic success into a framework that aims to make it easy for module teams to integrate these skills into learning outcomes.

These key academic & digital information skills can be grouped together under three main headings: Finding Information, Evaluating Information, and Organising and Using Information. Within each area there are three levels:

  • Introductory
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Click on the relevant key skills area to view more information about the competencies and skills we can help students achieve at each level.

How to support your students to achieve these skills

The library provides support with finding and using information, academic writing, referencing and maths & stats. 

Click here to find out about the support services available and how they can help you ensure that your students achieve these fundamental skills.   


Finding information

Evaluating information