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A guide to nkoda - digital sheet music app

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What is nkoda?

Nkoda is a digital sheet music app providing access to over 100 thousand publisher editions of sheet music from a wide-range range of classical and contemporary composers, including musical theatre and modern pop music.

Between 500 to 1000 scores are added each month, from large national publishers to one-person shows and everything in-between. The music covers educational requirements, from beginner scores for learning a new instrument to advanced treatises, and orchestral parts for large ensemble music. 

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How do I access nkoda?

You can download the nkoda app for iOS and Android devices, and for Windows desktop, from their respective app stores.

Rental Music

     Please be aware that some sheet music and scores are available on nkoda as rental music for which you will see the above notice. These are not permitted for use in performance without permission from the publisher. We recommend you contact your Programme Leader should you need material for performance.