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proof-reading your own work


Learning how to proof-read your own work is a very useful skill. This guide has individual pages giving advice on grammar, punctuation and spelling. 

We can't proof-read your work for you!



How to proof-read

  1. Allow plenty of time for proof reading - it takes longer than you might think!
  2. Print your work out, with double spaces between the lines.
  3. Read it out loud, correcting your mistakes on the paper.
  4. Make your corrections on the computer.
  5. Use the spell checker on your word processing software. 
  6. Print it out again, with double spaces between the lines, or in a bigger font - or both.
  7. Read it out loud again, correcting any mistakes on the paper.
  8. Make your corrections on the computer.
  9. Find another student you can swap your proof-reading with.