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Your first stop for research: a guide to resources for Computer Science

What are journals and why are they important?

Journals are regular scholarly publications which contain articles on specific subjects.  

They are important in academic research for a number of reasons:

  • they are the main forum by which research is published
  • they can explore a narrow topic in depth
  • they contain current or recent research findings
  • they are often peer-reviewed so that research findings are checked by other subject experts.

How to find journal articles

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1. Search the Library Website for your keywords. The Library Website searches many of the databases the University Library subscribes to and is the best place to start your research. You may well find enough data that you do not need to search any other databases. 

2. If you don't find the results you need from the Library Website you could search the databases individually. This page shows some of the databases likely to be most useful for the School of Computing, but you can find the full list here on the databases page.

3. Do you already know the name of a journal?  Type the title of the journal in Electronic Journals A-Z: it will show you if we have full-text access to the e-journal.

Library database collections

The University Library subscribes to a selection of database collections - the majority are research databases containing journal articles, but we also have ebook collections, film, tv & newspaper archives, and other specialist information.

Research databases contain:

Abstracts (short descriptions of what an article or paper is about)

Full journal articles (if they are part of the subscription package)

Conference papers on specific subjects



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Search e-journals

Browzine allows you to create your own online bookshelf from our collection of journals.

It's available through the 'Find' menu on the Library website - select 'Browse electronic journals' from the drop-down menu and start building your bookshelf.


New articles

A good way of keeping up-to-date with current research is to subscribe to alerts from your favourite journals.

JournalTOCs is a free service which allows you to set up alerts to any new articles published in Computer Science related journals.

Useful Databases for Computing & Games

The research databases listed below contain journal articles, abstracts and conference papers that will be useful for Computing & Games.  

Use the search box on the library website to search across a selection of databases or access them individually by clicking on the title links and, if asked, entering your University email and password.  


Communications of the ACM

New articles published in the Communications of the ACM.

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