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When you are set a report as an assignment, you will do some form of investigation and then write up the results showing:

  • what you did
  • how you did it
  • what you found out
  • why your findings are important

Reports have a formal structure, with sections and headings, but there are many different types of report, such as business reports, lab reports, site visits and research reports and there are various possible structures. Therefore, you must check your module guide (or ask your tutor) to find out how you are expected to set out your report.

Reports will often include sections such as:

  • Abstract - a short section summarising the report (although this is the first section of the report, you should write it  last)
  • Introduction - explains why you are writing the report and gives the background
  • Literature review 
  • Methods  - a short description on how you did your research
  • Results  - a very short section giving the results (don't explain them in this section)
  • Discussion - 
  • Conclusion - your analysis of your findings
  • Recommendation - your suggestions about how things could be improved


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