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EndNote is software that can help you manage citations for your research projects. It can automate much of the work of organising and formatting citations and bibliographies in your writing. EndNote can connect to online sources such as the library website and article databases, and can output results in over 1,000 different bibliographic styles.

There are two versions of EndNote: 

EndNote Desktop is the 'full' version of the software, made available to all University of Lincoln students and staff through our institutional licence, which allows a copy to be downloaded onto a University PC for free.

EndNote Online is a web based version. This is freely available for anyone to use, but does not have all the features of the full EndNote Desktop version.

Installing EndNote Desktop

EndNote X9 is available in the Software Centre on any networked campus University of Lincoln PC or Mac.  You will need to download it to your account while you are on campus, but once you have, you can access on your laptop from off campus using the University Cloud Desktop .

You can also download EndNote X9 onto your home pc or laptop using this Software for home use link.

Accessing EndNote Online

Once you have created your EndNote Web account, you can sync your libraries so a change in one will automatically be reflected in the other. See the EndNote Web tab for additional information on how to set up that account.

How to Use EndNote for Windows

How to Use EndNote for Mac