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Your first stop for research: a guide to resources for Psychology

PsycTESTS - NEW for 2017!

Using PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES

For articles indexed on PsycINFO, it is possible to search for articles with appended tests or scales.  Go into the individual databases via the Library homepage or click on the link below.  (For tests since 2005: watch the tutorial below)

For earlier references, combine a topic with descriptors such as "Test-Construction", " Measurement", "Questionnaires", "Personality-Measures", etc.
Eg. To find a questionnaire on depression, perform the following search: "depression" in SU Subjects and "test construction" in SU Subjects. 

The resulting articles include inventories such as the Beck Depression Inventory–II - many of the tests used can be found on PsycTESTS.


Tests held in Psychology labs

See a list of tests at

Contact the Psychology Lab technicians via their blog, for further help in accessing scales held by the School of Psychology.

APA guide to finding information about Psychological tests

 The American Psychological Association has an FAQ section on Finding information about psychological tests (both published and unpublished)

Searching the internet

Tip: to search for tests published as appendices:

example search: dissertation filetype pdf "addiction scale"