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Your first stop for research: a guide to resources for Psychology

Published V. Unpublished Tests

It is important to be aware of the difference between published and unpublished tests when trying to track down a test or measue.

Published tests are standardised tests available for purchase usually directly from the publisher. These are not available on the PscyTESTS databases or journal articles.

Unpublished tests are generally not for sale, but instead are often available via articles, collections of unpublished tests (e.g. PsycTESTS) or directly from the author.

PsycTESTS: the first place to search when trying to find a test or measure!

Using PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES

For articles indexed on PsycINFO, you can search to see if the test is included within an article using the word appended in combination with the test name in the advanced search.

View this really useful APA video which explains how to search for tests on PscyINFO and includes a demo of the appended search function: 

Useful Links

Tests Held in Psychology Labs

Contact the Psychology Lab technicians via their blog for help in accessing scales held by the School of Psychology.

APA Guide to Finding Information About Psychological Tests

 The American Psychological Association has an FAQ section on Finding information about psychological tests (both published and unpublished)

Searching the Internet

Tip: to search for tests published as appendices:

example search: dissertation filetype pdf "addiction scale"

Google Web Search