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APA 7th Edition - University of Lincoln

APA 7th edition

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How to use this guide

This guide has the same content as the APA Referencing Handbook but the information is arranged in a different way. To find out how you would reference a particular source, use the options on the blue left hand menu bar. So if you needed to find out how to reference a book with four authors, hover over the Books section on the blue menu bar and use the drop down menu to select the Book with three to 20 authors option. This provides an example of how to reference this particular source in APA 7th style.

The four most commonly cited sources are listed first (books, journal articles, official publications and reports, and websites). Under Other sources are lots of other different sources of information - including social media, newspaper articles and TV programmes - just select the relevant one to see an example of how you reference this in APA 7th.

Getting Started with APA referencing

You need to reference:

  • to demonstrate that you have undertaken research for your academic work
  • to avoid accusations of plagiarism
  • to acknowledge the work of other authors, which can be found in books, journal articles, websites etc.

There are many systems of referencing available; this guide will focus on the 7th edition of the American Psychological Association (APA) system which is used for the Schools of Education, Psychology, and Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Lincoln.

This guide provides examples of different information sources: how to cite them within your text and how to include them in your reference list.  For more information, please consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.). 

The APA website also contains information and tips on using the APA style at

Other referencing styles

If you are doing a joint degree with another discipline, you may be required to use a different referencing system such as Harvard for some assignments.  If so, please refer to the University of Lincoln Harvard guide.


APA referencing

There are two parts to APA referencing:

  1. In-text citation
  2. Reference list.


The APA referencing style is published in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The 7th edition of the Manual was published in October 2019 and provides a full outline of how to reference in APA for a wide variety of different formats. Copies of the Publication Manual are available in the Library at:

Help with APA referencing

If you need any help with APA referencing or have any queries please contact your Subject Librarian:

Alexis Lamb (
(Academic Subject Librarian for Psychology and Sport and Exercise Science)

Subject guides available at:


Tracey Newby (
(Academic Subject Librarian for Education)

Subject guide available at:

APA Style Blog

This blog is a great source of up-to-date information about APA style.  It is run by a group of experts who work with APA Style every day. 

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Useful links


Ref Works

RefWorks is available to all students and staff at the University of Lincoln and is referencing software which allows you to:

  • store references
  • organise references
  • generate citations
  • generate reference lists
  • share references

The University of Lincoln also subscribes to EndNote and there are also a number of websites offering this service free of charge, e.g. Mendeley, Zotero.