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Decolonising@Lincoln: Library toolkit

A toolkit of resources

What is Reimagining Lincolnshire?


a stone face surrounded by text which reads 'reimagining Lincolnshire'

A public history project which began in 2020, Reimagning Lincolnshire aims to bring to light hidden and neglected stories from Lincolnshire, focusing particularly on:

1. People of colour

2. Objects of empire

3. Unheard women’s/gendered voices

The project involves teachers, researchers, heritage professionals, and organisations from across the county of Lincolnshire.


Click here to keep up-to-date with all the news on the Reimagining Lincolnshire Blog

Current and Future Projects

A number of projects are underway beneath the Reimagining Lincolnshire umbrella. These include:

  • Blog posts: International Bomber Commander Centre produced a blog post for Windrush Day 2021; be sure to follow the project on social media for the latest updates
  • Displays in the library: the library aims to put on display's relevant to the project in display case on the ground floor. For further information, contact Claire Arrand, Special Collections Librarian.
  • Inclusive cataloguing: a project is underway to revise the cataloguing of missionary material at Lincoln cathedral library
  • Public lectures and events: follow the project on social media for news about involvement in the Being Human Festival, Heritage Open Days, Women's History month, and more!
  • Signage on University buildings: the Tennyson, Isaac Newton and Joseph Banks buildings all now have signage indicating their namesakes’ obvious contributions but also their connections to enslavement
  • Statuary Database: a collection and description of Lincolnshire's statues, exploring who is memorialised in the county's public spaces, and the achievements for which they are recognised
  • Wikipedia editing workshop: subject librarians Oonagh Monaghan and Hope Williard aim to design and facilitate workshops on Wikipedia and Wikidata to ensure that project findings are available to all

And more! For the latest updates, make sure to follow Reimagining Lincolnshire on Twitter.

Project Leaders

The project is led by Heather Hughes, Professor of Cultural Heritage Studies at the University of Lincoln. Her research focuses on tourism and heritage. She leads the International Bomber Command Centre Digital Archive project and her staff profile can be viewed here.

Dr Victoria Araj is the project's postdoctoral researcher and public engagement associate. Her staff profile can be viewed here.

Dr Araj and Professor Hughes coordinator a network of Lincolnshire heritage professionals and organisations who are involved in shaping the project's goals and outputs. If you are interested in learning more or becoming involved, please contact them at their university email addresses, or follow the project on social media.