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Distance Learners: Management courses

A guide to using the library's resources for students studying business and management as a Work-based Distance Learner.


A large amount of information is freely available on the Internet. It is important, when using the Internet for research purposes, to evaluate the reliability of the sites: use the checklist to help you evaluate the information that you find on the Internet.


  • Is the site Authoritative? (Who is the author and what authority do they possess?)
  • Is the site Accurate? (Are any claims supported by reliable evidence?)
  • Is the site Impartial? (Is the information biased?)
  • Is the site Current? (Is the information up-to-date?)
  • Who are the Audience? (Who is the site aimed at?)
  • Is the site Reliable? (Are links from the site working and pointing to other reliable sites?)

Search Google Scholar

If you use Google Scholar to search for journal articles and you find that you are unable to access to the full text, check the Library's Electronic Journals to see if we have a subscription.  Note: you need to search for the journal title not the journal article title.

Search Google