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Social Work

Your first stop for research: a guide to resources for Social Work

What are databases?

Research databases are ideal when you need to conduct a more focused search than the library website provides. Databases contain abstracts, journal articles and conference papers on specific subjects.  They are ideal for searching specialist resources in your subject area. You can use the library website for searching across multiple databases but for more specific searching please see the list below of databases that are useful for Social Work.  We subscribe to three specific social work databases but the list of other databases will also be useful to use for your assignments.

Library Website

Image of the Library search box

Use the Library website to search across multiple databases:

Social Work databases

Other useful databases

The databases below may have articles with some relation to social work and cover the humanities and social sciences.

TV/ Radio databases

Law databases

Useful for legal information and cases. In addition please use Nexis and Lexis in the newspaper section.

Statistical databases

Newspaper databases

Use the news tabs in Lexis and Nexis for news stories.

Psychology databases

Please note these two databases listed below are from the American Psychological Association.