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Social Work

Your first stop for research: a guide to resources for Social Work

Website checklist

When evaluating websites use the following checklist to assess the reliability of the information:

  • Is the site Authoritative? (Who is the author and what authority do they possess?)
  • Is the site Accurate?  (Are any claims supported by reliable evidence?)
  • Is the site Impartial? (Is the information biased?)
  • Is the site Current?  (Is the information up-to-date?)
  • Who are the Audience?  (Who is the site aimed at?)
  • Is the site Reliable? (Are links from the site working and pointing to other reliable sites?)


General websites for Social Work

This area contains links to general websites for social work. There are specific sections that link to websites for particular aspects of Social Work.

Use the 'Reports, Inquiries and legislation' tab above for links to official online documents

Blogs and social networking sites