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Social Work

Your first stop for research: a guide to resources for Social Work

How can NICE guidance support evidence informed social work practice?

This series of 4 videos have been developed for social work students and educators, but are also relevant for any social worker wanting to know about evidence informed practice across both children’s and adults social care settings.  

NICE videos

NICE videos - how they can help

Part 1: How is evidence and NICE guidance relevant to social work?

This video outlines what is meant by evidence and why it is important for social workers.








Part 2: How to use NICE guidance and the NICE website

This video explains what NICE does and how to use the NICE website, including recordings of live screen demonstrations.







Part 3: How to find additional NICE resources for your practice and CPD

This video outlines NICE resources which could be helpful for social work practice and for CPD.






Part 4: How to find the evidence behind NICE recommendations.

This video explains how to find the primary evidence which informs NICE recommendations and how to find research questions prioritised by guideline committees.