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School of Education

Help guides and videos - showing you how to search for resources

You will find below a useful selection of pre recorded workshops to help you with your studies

Planning your searching

This recording will show you how to plan your searches and how to create a search strategy.

Where to look for Education resources

This recording will suggest all the different types of sources you can use for your education assignments - books, journal articles, websites and official documents and where to find these.

Your reading list

Video recording showing you how to access and use a reading list. This video recording is a generic recording and not specific to your particular modules of study.

Peer review

What is the peer review process?  This video explains what is a peer reviewed journal article.

What are primary and secondary sources?

If you have been asked to look for primary research do you know what this may include?  This video explains the difference.

Finding books and ebooks on the library webpage

Video recording of how to search for books and ebooks on the library webpage

Searching via the EBSCOhost education databases

This is a practical video recording showing you how to use the EBSCOhost platform to search across four education databases: British Education Index, Education source, ERIC and Teacher Reference Center, to find journal articles.

How to search the Taylor & Francis database

This is a practical video showing you how to search for journal articles via the Taylor & Francis database.

How to use the Scopus database

Scopus is an abstract database however it does provide a link to access the full text.  Scopus allows us to find many more journal articles beyond our initial search through citation chaining.  It is very useful for students doing their dissertations and thesis and also when you are struggling to find information on a particular topic. It can be tricky to find the right keywords when searching in this database, ensure you try a variety of keywords and think of synonyms and similar words for your topic. The video recording shows how to carry out a basic search.

How to install and use LEAN library

Installing the LEAN library extension to your browser enables you to search in google scholar and be linked back to the University of Lincoln to access the full text of articles. Please follow the instructions in this recording to download the extension.

Searching directly for journal articles

Sometimes it is useful to search directly in a journal  for a journal article or topic area.  This video recording shows you how.  It covers using the electronic journals search.

Supplementary searching

This video shows you how to search using citations and in grey literature.