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Why are journals important?

Journals are important in academic research for a number of reasons:

  • they are an important forum by which research is published;
  • they can explore a narrow topic in depth;
  • they contain current or recent research findings;
  • they usually go through a process known as peer-review, which means that research findings are checked by other subject experts.

Journals can be found by searching databases with keywords that you have chosen and combined.


Electronic and Print Journal Collections

The library has a large collection of electronic journals which you can search in two ways: our Electronic Journals tab, and Browzine. See below for links and further information. You may also find it helpful to search directly within journal databases. A selection of those recommended for music research are below.

Search e-journals

Journal titles for music

Here is a partial list of titles of journals that the library holds for music:

Computer Music Journal

Contemporary Music Review

International Journal of Community Music

Jazz Perspectives

Journal of Popular Music Studies

Journal of Research in Music Education

Journal of Technology in Music Learning

Metal Music Studies

Music Performance Research

Rock Music Studies

Studies in Musical Theatre

Teaching Music

Use these links to search within these journals with a search term and establish what information is available.  It might also save you time.

Many more journal articles can be found within databases for music.