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Harvard referencing handbook (2nd edition)

The University of Lincoln Harvard referencing style

eBook without page numbers

In-text citation

When referring to:

  • the book as a whole: (Byrne, 2013) 
  • a specific page: (Byrne, 2013, 48%) 
  • a range of pages (Byrne, 2013, 51-53%) 
Reference list

Byrne, D. (2013) How music works [ebook]. Chichester: Canongate Books. Available from [accessed 31 October 2022].

Checklist and example

Author/editor (surname, initials) Byrne, D.
If the book has an editor, put ed. in round brackets (or eds. if more than one editor)  
Year of publication in round brackets (2013)
Title (and subtitle if applicable) of book in italics How music works
In square brackets put ebook, followed by a full stop if it is the first edition or a comma if it is a subsequent edition [ebook].
Place of publication, followed by a colon Chichester:

Publisher, followed by a full stop.

Canongate Books.
Put Available from, followed by the web address Available from
In square brackets, put accessed and the date you accessed the ebook, followed by a full stop. [accessed 31 October 2022].


eBook without page numbers