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Why are journals important?

Academic journals are scholarly periodicals (i.e. publications which come out on a regular schedule) which contain articles on specific subjects.

They are important in academic research for a number of reasons:

  • they are an important forum by which scholarly research is published,
  • they can explore a narrow topic or problem in classical studies in depth
  • they contain current or recent research findings,
  • they go through a process called peer-review, which means that research findings and conclusions are checked by other subject experts

Library Website

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Use the Library website to search across multiple databases:

Electronic Journals

The Electronic journals tab allows you to search the library's collection of journals. If you are looking for a journal about a particular topic or have found a likely looking article in a bibliography and want to check if we have access, this is often the best place to go.


Browzine is another way to search the library's journal collections--if you prefer getting information in a visual format, you may want to start here.

BrowZine Search Box

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Search e-journals

Classical Studies Journals on Browzine