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Lincoln Cathedral Library

Banner with text "Distant Music: Uncovering the Music Collections of Lincoln Cathedral Library" By Megan Lomas & Valerie Arindra

Megan Lomas

Valerie Arindra

Photograph of Megan Lomas

Image: Megan Lomas


Megan is a violinist and graduated from the University of Lincoln in the summer of 2021 with a First in BA (Hons) Music. She is now working towards a Master's in Musicology at the University of Edinburgh.


Valerie is a musician and audio engineer who began study at the University of Lincoln in 2019 in BA (Hons) Fine Art and is due to graduate in 2022.

Photograph of Valerie Arindra

 Image: Valerie Arindra

About the Project

The driving force behind the project was to raise awareness of the wonderful collection of music held within the Cathedral Library for Music staff and students. In November 2019, Academic Subject Librarian Hope Williard invited students from the School of Fine and Performing Arts to participate in an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Scheme (UROS) project, which resulted in Megan and Valerie being selected to carry out the research.

The application was submitted in January 2020, accepted as the first ever Arts project, and set to start over the summer of 2020 when Covid hit and the music was temporarily silenced. UROS projects are typically offered to 1st and 2nd year students but thankfully Megan’s request to complete the research was allowed and she was able to partake in her final year of study and the project took place between June and August, being submitted in September 2020. The focus was altered as physical access to the collection was impossible for Megan and Valerie during Covid restrictions and all work was undertaken online with digital material.

Volunteer Cynthia Jolly word processed a list of music manuscripts to assist in the project. Her work is ongoing.


Click on the Poster image to see larger version and zoom by clicking left-mouse button and use scroll bar to read the text, or download the PDF version or an accessible text-only version of the poster below.

UROS Poster: Distant Music

Image: UROS Poster: Distant Music: Uncovering Music Collections of Lincoln Cathedral Library

UROS Project Presentation

Behold now praise ye Lord
by William Turner

Excerpt of sheet music for Turner's "Behold Now Praise ye Lord"

Image: Sheet music for Behold now praise ye Lord by William Turner, MS 2 p1 tenor

Below: MUSIC MS 2 p1 (tenor), MUSIC MS 4 p1 (bass)

Beehold God is My Salvation
by Thomas Allinson

Excerpt of sheet music for "Hear my Crying O God" by Thomas Allinson

Image: Sheet music for Hear my Crying O God by Thomas Allinson

Below: MUSIC MS 2 p53 (tenor), MS 4 p53 (bass)

Hear my Crying O God
by George Holmes

Excerpt of sheet music for "Hear my Crying O God" by George Holmes

Image: Sheet music for Hear my Crying O God by George Holmes

Below: MUSIC MS 4 p111 (bass), MS 2 p115 (tenor) 

Silencing the Music

Silencing the Music blog post on University of Lincoln Library blog

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the project - read the blog piece "Silencing the Music" by Special Collections Librarian, Claire Arrand, to find out how the project was affected.

Read blog post "Silencing the Music"