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A guide to the Library for LSFM

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Welcome to the subject guide supporting the Lincoln School of Film and Media.

This is the place for you for help with finding sources of information to support you in your studies. 

If this guide doesn't answer your query then please contact me via email or arrange an appointment where we can discuss your query over Teams.

Reading lists - your first place to find resources

image of an example reading list


Reading lists are connected to your modules on Blackboard or through the link below.  If you use the link below you can search with module code or modules leader.

Your reading list may be arranged with weekly resources or a long list of essential or recommended material.  

If the resource is available electronically you can click the view online button for immediate access. 

Books, journals, websites and audio visual material are available on the reading list and your academics carefully draw these resources together for you.

Your academics will guide you through resources to support your course and you should return here when you are ready to complete your assessments.