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RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM)

RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) is an add-on for Microsoft Word that enables you to add citations and references to your Word document as you write. 


Accessing and installing RCM

If you are logged into Word on your own PC or laptop with your University of Lincoln credentials RCM will already be installed.

If you are using your own version of Word you may need to install RCM manually. RefWorks provide step by step guidance on how to do this.


Logging into RCM

To use RCM you will need to log in to sync references between Word and your RefWorks account. You will need to make sure you have set a separate alternate password in your RefWorks account to do this.

RefWorks RCM login


If you already have an alternative password set-up but cannot remember what this is, click on the 'Forgot your password?' link in the RCM window.

Once you have an alternate password set up you will need to use your University of Lincoln credentials to log in to RefWorks, and the separate password to access RCM within Word.

The first time you log in to RCM it may take a while to sync all of your references, especially if you have a lot.

Selecting a referencing style in RCM

Before you start writing check that the Citation Style corresponds to the style you need to use.

For the University of Lincoln Harvard Referencing Style click on the menu in RCM and look under Citation Style. This should say Harvard - University of Lincoln (2019). If it doesn't:

  • Click on Citation Style  
  • Change Citation Style
  • Look under Institutional styles for Harvard - University of Lincoln and select this 
  • Click Update

For other styles click on the menu in RCM and look under Citation Style. To change the listed style:

  • Click on Citation Style
  • Change Citation Style
  • Search for the style you need and select this
  • Click Update


Adding a citation using RCM

When you are ready to add a citation:

  • Position the cursor on the page where you want to insert the citation
  • Locate the resource you want to add by searching or navigating through your folders (via the 'All references' dropdown).
  • Hover over a reference and select either cite this or edit this. If you need to add page numbers to your citation you will need to edit the resource first.
  • Your in-text citation will appear in your work.


Generating a reference list using RCM

When you have finished adding citations to your work you can generate a reference list:

  • Position your cursor at the point on the page where you would like your reference list to start
  • Click on the menu in RCM
  • Toggle the Bibliography switch to ON

RCM will generate a reference list of all the citations you have used in your chosen referencing style.