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A guide to using the library's resources

The Library

Check the Library website for the most up-to-date information, including opening hours and the support available.  You can also search for books and journal article:

image of the library search box

Log onto your account to view the books you have out on loan, your full loan history and all library communications.  

The Law Library

The Law Library, located on the 3rd floor of the University Library, consists of textbooks, law reports, encyclopedias and journals. 

Textbooks on specific areas of law can be found at the following shelfmark:

340.07 Legal Skills 346.015 Family Law
341 International Law 346.02 Contract Law
341.2422 European Union Law 346.03 Tort Law
342 Constitutional Law 346.059 Equity Law       
344.01 Employment Law 347.06 Evidence
345 Criminal Law  


Law Reports, journals and encyclopedias

The law reports, journals and encyclopedias are arranged in alphabetical order of title, follow on from the textbooks and are for reference only.

In addition to the print sources there are a number of legal databases providing electronic access to a large collection of law reports, journals, encyclopedias and textbooks.    

If you are struggling to locate a source, please email me with the details and I will check to see if we have full text access.

Law Reports available in the Law Library

The following Law Reports can be found in the Law Library:

  • All England Law Reports
  • Common Market Law Reports
  • Criminal Appeal Reports
  • Family Law Reports
  • Industrial Relations Law Reports
  • The Law Reports
  • The Weekly Law Reports


Please return reports, journals and encyclopedias to their correct place on the shelf when you have finished with them so that other students are able to access them.