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Libraries and Learning Skills


A guide to using the library's resources

law reports and appeal cases

Filtered Law reports flickr photo by Jenny shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-BD) License

Searching for cases

Use the legal databases to search for cases.  Both Westlaw UK and LexisLibrary provide access to a large number of transcripts and reports.

Westlaw UK

westlaw UK

Specialist Reports

The following databases provide access to some specialist reports, such as Family Law Reports, English Reports


Law Reports available in print in the Law Library


  • All England Law Reports
  • Common Market Law Reports
  • Criminal Appeal Reports
  • Family Law Reports
  • Industrial Relations Law Reports
  • The Law Reports
  • The Weekly Law Reports

The Law Reports, arranged in alphabetical order of title, follow on from the textbooks and are for reference only.

Please return them to their correct place on the shelf when you have finished with them so that other students are able to access them.