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A guide to using the library's resources

A guide to the library for Law

English law

The law in England can be found in many different sources. It is important that you become familiar with the main sources, how to access them and then how to interpret the law that is within them.

The two main sources of English law are:

  1. Case Law 
  2. Legislation

For information on finding cases or legislation, click on the relevant links or select the relevant tab from the menu.

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Surviving law school

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Judicial Interpretation on Westlaw Edge UK makes it easier and less time consuming for you to research the intention and interpretation of legislation. It will streamline this process by providing seamless access to relevant judicial analysis identified by our editorial specialists, quickly giving you and your colleagues insight into the courts’ interpretation and application of specific legislative provisions.

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Lexis+ search box


The library has upgraded to the Full Academic Library on Lexis+ which includes 544 additional textbooks and sources. As a result of the upgrade both Halsbury’s Laws of England and Wales and the All England Law Reports (which have previously been available in print in the library) will now only be available online via Lexis+.

In addition to this, two loose-leaf publications (Miller on Product Liability and Harvey on Industrial Relations & Employment Law) have also been transferred to online only via Lexis+ along with some additional employment law sources.

Lexis+ can be accessed via the Databases page on the library website. The direct link is:

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Skills for study

Skills for study is an interactive resource based on The Study Skills Handbook, and covers a range of academic skills including referencing, note-taking, critical thinking and exam skills.

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