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Sport and Exercise Science

Your first stop for research: a guide to resources for Sport and Exercise Science

Books in the Library

The Library provides access to both print and eBooks. Print books for Sport and Exercise Science will mainly be located in the University Library but books may also be in the Ross Library. Both the University Library and the Ross Library are located on the Brayford Pool campus. 

University Library

Print books are found on the first and second floors of the University Library. The books are organised by subject so books on the same topic will be in the same section and you will soon get used to the areas of the Library which contain books relating to Sport and Exercise Science. Each book has a number on the spine called a class-mark which helps you locate it within the sequence of books.

The first floor has books from 000-649

The second floor has books from 650-999

Ross Library

The Library is on the first floor of the Ross Lucas Medical Sciences Building. You will need to swipe your student ID card to access the building and either use the stairs or lifts to get to the first floor.

                Image of University libraries

Finding books in the Library

Use the Library Website to search for books, journal articles and other Library information.

image of a library search box

Find books for print and eBooks. Try searching by author surname and a few keywords from the book title if searching for a specific book. Use keyword searching to find books on a particular topic.

Find books and articles - search by keywords to find books, articles etc. Or copy an article title into this search if looking for a specific journal article.

How to find out which Library a book is in

You can see which Library a book is in by checking the details on the Library website.

Find the book you want using the main search box on the website or via the module's electronic reading list which will then link through to the website. You will then be able to see the location of the book when you click on its title to go into the full record and the shelfmark (so where it will be in the library). You will also be able to see whether the book is available on the shelves (or on loan), how many copies the Library has, and the loan type (one-week, normal loan, etc.).

You can request books are sent from the Ross Library to the University Library (and vice versa) using the Reserve this item option on the book record on the Library website and specifying which library you want to collect the book from.

                Image showing how to find the location of a book

New Sport and Exercise Science books in the Library