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Libraries and Learning Skills

Study skills (Learning Development)

The University of Lincoln takes academic integrity very seriously so you need to ensure you are aware of what constitutes good academic practice and avoid anything that could be considered an academic offence.

The University’s General Regulations provide information on some of the different types of academic offences, but you can also find examples of academic offences here. There will also be information in your course and module handbooks.

Good academic practice

Click on the image below to watch a presentation on how to achieve good academic practice at the University of Lincoln.

Good Academic Practice at the University of Lincoln

Video on academic offences
Essay mills vide
Contract cheating video

Avoiding plagiarism

Plagiarism: promoting academic integrity online tutorial

Plagiarism: promoting academic integrity is a short tutorial which explains what plagiarism is and gives you tips on how to avoid it. 

The tutorial takes about 20 minutes to complete.  Click on the link above or below and the tutorial will open in a new window.