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Study skills (Learning Development)


Copilot is the main, approved AI tool freely available to all students and staff at the University of Lincoln. Copilot is available so that all members of the university community have access to an AI service without incurring any cost.

Accessing Copilot

Access Copilot by clicking on the Copilot icon in the top right-hand corner of Microsoft Edge.  Alternatively, if you are using a different internet browser, you can access it by going to

It is part of Microsoft 365 so you will need to sign in with your university log in. This will also ensure that you are using AI safely.

Microsoft Edge Copilot icon

The benefit of using Copilot over other generative AI tools is:

  • It is combined with ChatGPT
  • User and commercial data are protected (encrypted)
  • It does not save chat data. It protects your query as it will not keep a record of the query once you have clicked to start a new topic or logged out of the browser
  • It will not use chat data to further train the AI.
  • It generates content within the copyright rules, including images.

Things to be aware of when using Copilot and other generative AI tools are:

  • Not all the information it presents is correct
  • It is there to support you with your learning, not to do the work for you
  • It can be politically swayed
  • Weak prompts will retrieve weak information
  • Sources may not be good or even exist, so it is important to check all references generated by AI
  • Context may not be correct, although this can be improved with better prompts.


Copilot can help you:

  • Find information
  • Generate ideas
  • Answer questions
  • Facilitate discussion
  • Summarise information - if you ask it to summarise an article, you need to download the PDF and upload it from your device. Also remember that it may get it wrong.
  • Analyse data
  • Act as a writing coach to advise for improvements.


Copilot resources on LinkedIn Learning

Click here to view a selection of Copilot courses and videos available on LinkedIn Learning.

Screenshot of the different courses and videos available on LinkedIn Learning

Log into LinkedIn Learning using your institutional log in.

Please note that LinkedIn Learning is only available up to 30 August 2024.

Originality Statement

The university has an originality statement as part of the guidance around assessment submissions. The originality statement was created in collaboration with the College Directors of Academic Quality Standards, as well as in alignment with the regulations set out by the University. 

The statement highlights that the submission is the student’s “own work, without input from either commercial or non-commercial writers or editors or advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence services.”

It is important to read and understand the originality statement that can be found in the assessment area of Blackboard, along with information about academic offences.