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Referencing and plagiarism


The MHRA reverencing style is a footnoting system which utilises two parts - footnotes within the main body of the text and at the bottom of the page, and the bibliography. 

The MHRA Referencing Handbook is designed to help you understand how to cite and reference sources of information appropriately using the University of Lincoln MHRA system of referencing.  The MHRA referencing style incorporates two parts: 

  1. a footnote number in the body of the assignment (at the end of the sentence in which your quotation or paraphrase appears, after the final punctuation mark in the sentence) and a corresponding footnote at the bottom of the page giving the publication details. 
  2. A bibliography at the end of the assignment, listed in alphabetical order of author surname, which gives full publication details of every source that you have used in your essay.

It provides guidance and examples on how to reference the different types of information that you may need to cite and reference within your academic work; however, it is impossible to include every type of information source. If the information source you would like to reference is not listed, please check the index. If it is not listed in the index, you should use the reference format of a source that is similar.  

If you have any questions about MHRA referencing, please contact your Academic Subject Librarian.

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