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Referencing and plagiarism


Vancouver is a numerical style of referencing.  A superscript number [1] is placed in the text, with a corresponding reference list entry at the end of your document. There are some variations of the Vancouver style, which may use different formatting/punctuation, so please remember to follow the University of Lincoln version when asked to use this style.  

The Vancouver Referencing Handbook is designed to help you understand how to reference different sources of information using the University of Lincoln Vancouver style. 

The handbook provides guidance, and examples for referencing different types of information. We include a wide range of examples from the many different information sources you are likely to use in your academic work, but it is not possible to include every type of information source. If the information source you would like to reference is not listed, you should use the reference format of the most similar source.

If you have any questions about Vancouver referencing, please contact your Academic Subject Librarian.