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Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

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Developing the ability to understand and apply mathematics is part of everyday life, as well as being useful for more specific applications at university. Building our numeracy skills allows us to be more confident in our decision making, and sits alongside the ability to make informed decisions based on data.

Many subjects at university involve using numbers – it isn't only science and maths that require you to analyse and present data.

Some students may feel anxious about revisiting maths topics that they haven't thought about for a while. Some struggle to remember what they learned at school about 'percentages' and 'averages', or are unclear about terms such as 'mode' and 'median'.

This section will help you to:

  • Identify the kinds of number skills you are likely to need
  • Interpret and question data according to their context
  • Understand how to use fractions and percentages
  • Know when to use three different kinds of averages
  • Understand the basics of interpreting data in graphs, tables and charts

Confidence with numbers