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Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

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Functional Skills

Functional Skills are qualifications designed to help adults develop their essential maths and English skills in order to apply them in work and everyday life. Functional Skills qualifications are nationally recognised qualifications and level 2 is equivalent to GCSE 4 – 9 (A* – C).


Maths intro

Percentages, fractions and decimals

In maths, a fraction represents one of a number of equal parts of a complete unit. Thus a fraction could be a part of a price, a time, a width, a group (‘set’), or any other unit.

A percentage (%) is a way of stating any fraction as a proportion of 100. The whole of anything – the full amount of an item or a group of items – is 100%. If you divide this total amount, 100%, into smaller parts, each part will be a proportion of the whole 100%. All the pieces together add up to 100%.

Converting fractions to percentages

Shape, Space and Measure

Shapes: Angles

Shapes: Areas of shapes

Measuring (how to measure everything accurately, from length and distance, through to weight and temperature) 

Measuring: Capacity video

BBC Teach Maths for adults