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EndNote X9

Adding references manually

For any items that do not automatically link with EndNote (e.g. websites, books you have purchased or borrowed from another library) you can add these to EndNote manually to keep all your reference material in one place

  • In EndNote - click on References then select New Reference
  • Select the appropriate Reference Type from the drop-down menu (website, book, journal article etc)
  • Enter the required details - it is a good idea to check the relevant University of Lincoln referencing handbook at this point to make sure you include all the essential components in the correct format

Some useful tips for manually entering a reference:

  • Multiple authors need to be listed on separate lines
  • You can enter author names either last name first with a comma ("Smith, Jane") or first name first ("Jane Smith")
  • When entering a corporate or institutional author name like "University of Lincoln" or "National Trust", enter a comma after the name. This will prevent EndNote from inverting or abbreviating the name as it would for an individual author's